Human Resources Policy


It is to develop and apply human resources system and processes that will raise our employees’ efficiency and productivity to utmost level.
Open to innovation, having a broad vision, modern, dynamic, focused on the result.
To be able to see the company’s and the employee’s expectations
To be innovative
To leave a positive effect
To be fair
To work honestly
To protect the balances
To have a smiling face
To be a role-model
To contribute to the corporate culture
To share the experience
To encourage the employees
To determine the best applications and provide their application
To make the employees digest the common targets well
To provide facilities in order to develop our employees skills
To increase our contribution in order to create a better environment in our relations with our surrounding
To work in compliance with the national and international laws and standards
To create a performance culture
To create an internal and external “Bench-Marking” culture and to be a extrovert structure
To see the “occupational health and safety of the employee” as the most important value
To be a corporate that is sensitive to the environment
To work in compliance with the laws within the frame of the ethical rules
To encourage the contribution in team work as well as the individual success
To settle the doctrine “It is not who performs the work, it is the performance of the work”.
The process starts upon the receipt of the “Personnel Demand” from the departments. First we examine our databank and in the second stage, we publish our ad containing the concerned position, job description and criteria required for the candidates, through the channels such as internet, newspapers and consultancy companies and we try to reach you. Our ad for the open position is simultaneously announced to the company employees. The interview process is composed of stages where the technical knowledge, experience and skills are examined. During the process of employment, we benefit PI (Predictive Index) Analysis in the first interviews in order to measure the extent of the adaptation of the candidates to this profile from the job descriptions and employee profile. First interviews are performed by us, Human Resources. We call the candidates, whom we invite for the second interview with the director of the related department. We offer job to the candidates, whom we see as positive during the interviews, and we send a thanks letter to the other candidates who are not appropriate for the job. Upon completion of the employment process, now Orientation Process starts. For each employee who starts working in our company, we apply an Orientation Program that introduces the company in detail which also includes an on-the-job training.
If you want to apply to our company:
Performance Management:
In our company performance evaluation interviews are performed twice a year. Premiums are given to the employees once a year, according to the ratio corresponding to the performance points they receive. By the mid-year (July), a mid-evaluation interview in order to review the achievement extent of the determined personal performance targets, is performed by the employee and his/her chief. By the end of the year (December), *SMART-C targets for the whole year and competencies are taken into consideration and Target and Competency based performance interviews are completed.
S Specific 
A Achievable 
TTime limited 
C Challenging
Wage management:
We apply an increase in the wages of the employees of our company twice a year (January – July). January increase is determined by taking the performance points of the employees, which they get by the end of the year, into consideration and July increase is determined by taking the inflation rate into consideration. Market wage researches are regularly continued and the market in general and the sector is followed-up.
The wages are paid as gross to our employees.
For each employee who starts working in our company, we give Orientation Training in order to introduce the company’s organizational chart, activities, employees, quality system, employee’s health and job safety applications. Besides this, we get the Annual Training Requirement from each department on November and as the Directorate of Human Resources, we evaluate these with our managers and announce our Annual Training Plan within the following month of January. By the end of the year, we measure the productivity of the training given.
Social Rights:
We give lunch to all our employees for each day worked and lunch and dinner to our employees who work in shifts.
We allocate a company vehicle to our employees who are at the level of management and who are required to drive a car for his work. We have service vehicles for our employees, for whom vehicles are not allocated, at specific routes for the transport to and from the company.
All our employees have Private Health Insurance and at the same time, Individual Accident Insurance.
Business days and hours are Monday – Friday between 08:30-18:00 hrs.
Regarding the work period in company;
15 working days for our employees who worked 1 to 5 years,
20 working days for our employees who worked more than 5 years (including the 5th year),
25 working days for our employees who worked 6 to 15 years (including the 15th year) ,
30 working days for our employees who worked more than 15 years
Sabbatical leave is given.
Besides these, our employees may also benefit the rights such as, marriage benefit, birth benefit, transport benefit in company transfers etc.
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