Entegre Harç Company, which was founded for the production of industrial lime in İstanbul in 1978 by 18 entrepreneurs, was taken over by Ata Construction Group in 1989. It was converted into Lafarge Group (world leader in the production of building materials) and Ata Holding joint venture in 1995.

Entegre, had undertaken the leadership of machine applied plaster sector in the Turkish market with its innovative structure, launched the first Cement based machine applied ready to use plaster “Sıvamatik” in 1990, the first Gypsum Plaster Based Machine Applied ready to use “Alçımatik” in 1991, Cement Based Machine Applied first coloured plaster “Colormatik” in 1996. With this innovative and pioneering approach, Entegre has a wide range of products that add value to buildings and offer quality and cost-effective solutions in every part of the building.

Entegre’s product range consists of Cement Based Plasters, Decorative Plasters, Technical Mortars, Water Proofing Products, Thermal Insulation Products, Tile Adhesives and Joint Fillers, Lime and Aggregate product groups.

Entegre continued its investments as a 100% Ata Holding subsidiary after Ata Holding acquired Lafarge shares in 2006, and commissioned Burdur Factory in 2006 and Ankara Factory in 2015.

Without compromising on quality in its service approach, Entegre has determined the satisfaction of its customers and employees as well as its sensitivity to society and the environment as a priority. Entegre, with its advanced production technology, high capacity, high quality and wide range of products, continues to serve in the sector.


Quality is the priority of our company. As a working principle, we apply the concept of total quality at all stages of our business. We do not perceive the concept of quality only as producing high quality products, instead, we believe that this concept is more related with human being. In this context, qualified people in their field at each stage of our organization are involved.

Our company has the required quality and standard certificates.
These are TSE, TSEK, ISO 9001:2000 and CE certificates.


  • Adding value to the buildings with innovative solutions
  • To provide solutions that facilitate the lives of consumers in building materials and respond to their needs.
  • Creating value for customers; customer-oriented understanding
  • To be a company that focuses on sustainable growth, permanent and continues performance development and makes its employees successful.
  • To be a responsible company supporting social, urban and cultural relations
  • To improve employees’ abilities and quality of life
  • To work in accordance with national and international laws and standards
  • To realize the value creation expected by the shareholders
  • To be sensitive to the environment
  • To ensure the continuous development of our company’s quality management system
Our company, which aims to “leave a liveable environmental heritage”for our children, has placed its environmental responsibilities at the top of its working culture. We are realizing our projects in order to protect and improve the natural beauties around us. Our company, which has planted 15000 saplings so far, shows its sensitivity to the environment in every field.

We are committed to conducting our activities in a consistent manner with the principle of “sustainable development” in compliance with the laws and regulations.
Our main policy is to continuously improve our environmental performance, to use energy and natural resources effectively, to recover waste, to minimize harmful air emissions and water discharge, to provide our customers with information on the environmental impact of our products on a regular basis.


“Occupational Health and Safety” is one of the cornerstones of our company’s working culture. For this purpose, regular trainings are provided by professional trainers and “Occupational Health and Safety” awareness is developed in our employees. With this method, it is aimed to maintain a healty and safe working enviroment, to prevent occupational risks, to eliminate risk and accident factors.


Everyone working in our facilities has the right to work in a safe and healthy environment and has the duty to contribute to ensuring these conditions with responsible behaviour. Occupational Health and Safety is one of our basic performance indicators and is our top priority in the continuation of our activities.

  • To protect the health of our employees and to make working environments healthy; to identify situations that may cause occupational accidents and occupational diseases.
  • To adopt all laws and regulations related to Occupational Health and Safety as minimum standards and apply them at a more advanced level.
  • To carry out risk assessment and to ensure that necessary measures are taken to prevent these risks,
  • To continuously improve our Occupational Health and Safety performance; organizing trainings to improve the knowledge and skill level of our employees,
  • Effective implementation and continuous improvement of Occupational Health and Safety management system,
  • Our main policy is to allocate sufficient resources in the investment budget in a way to reduce Occupational Health and Safety risks.