SIVAMATiK® DIŞCement-Based Machine Applied Plaster For Exterior

First Cement-based Machine Applied Plaster Produced in Turkey


Applied on  brick, aerated concrete, concrete, fair faced concrete, pumice concrete, briquette walls and ceiling surfaces of the interior and exterior faces of the buildings.


  • Serves as both the rough plaster and finish plaster.
  • Provides a strong surface with high adhesive resistance and strength.
  • It can be easily and rapidly applied with a machine.
  • More resistant to water (hydrophobic) than a conventional plaster.


Dry Bulk Density of Hardened Mortar, kg/m³

1550 ± 200

Compressive Strength, N/mm²

≥ 6 (CS IV)

Adhesive Strength, N/mm²

≥ 0,2 (FP:B)

Capillary Water Absorption, kg/m².min0,5


Water Vapour Permeability Coefficient, µ

≤ 25

Average Thermal Conductivity, W/m.K (λ10,dry)

≤ 0,79

Reaction to Fire





  • The surface of application will always be free of form oil, dust, paint and materials that reduce adherence.
  • Repair of the cracks and holes should be made with the same material or using appropriate Entegre Repair Mortars before application.
  • Application surface should be dampened with water if required.
  • Pre-coating will be performed using PRIMEL® for surfaces such as aerated concrete, bricks, etc. 1 day before the application; and using PRIMEL® PLUS for smooth surfaces such as fair faced concrete 1 day before the application.
  • Application is started when the surface is dry.


  • SIVAMATIK® DIŞ should be mixed with ready-mix plaster mixer (9-11 lt water/50 kg bag) and sprayed to the surface.
  • Application thickness should be between 1 cm and 2.5 cm in one coat.
  • If the thickness is more than 2.5 cm, a second coat is applied in max. 2.5 cm thickness after the first coat is set.
  • Surface must be levelled.
  • The surface of the plaster will be polished when the plaster becomes hard enough and the surface will be finished with a damp sponge.


Approx. 15,0 kg/m² for 1 cm of plaster thickness


25 kg and 50 kg Paper Bag,

(delivered in pallets or as sling-bags upon request.)


1 Year Shelf Life*

* If stored in its original package without opening the package under dry, frost free conditions


(1 week after opening the package.)


TS EN 998-1 / February 2017 / A1-GP-CS IV
Ministry of Public Works Pos. No: 04.475/A


  • No other materials (lime, cement, gypsum, etc.) should be added to the prepared plaster.
  • Application should be performed between +5°C and +35°C.
  • SIVAMATIK® DIŞ will be protected against quick drying under windy weather conditions.
  • Fiberglass meshs should be used on the joining areas of different materials and on the points that may be considered to be moving.
  • Wait at least 10 days for the application be performed on the SIVAMATIK® DIŞ depending on the ambient temperature.
  • Surface should be watered in specific intervals within 3 days after the application to ensure its strength.
  • Do not go beyond the application field and the rules.
  • Do not inhale it directly. Wash your eyes with plenty of water in case of contact with eyes, seek medical attention if required.
  • For detailed information, please request the safety data sheet.
  • Contact us for your further inquires and about all other application conditions.